5 Major Things to Avoid while Writing a PhD Thesis

What to Avoid: Using words and sentences that are not clear or specific. Why: Your readers, including your thesis committee, should easily understand your ideas. Unclear language can make your research confusing.

1. Vague or Unclear Language

What to Avoid: Randomly organizing your ideas without a clear structure. Why: A well-organized thesis helps your readers follow your argument. Without structure, your research may seem disorganized and hard to follow.

2. Lack of Structure

What to Avoid: Using too much technical or specialized language without explaining it. Why: Not everyone in your audience may be familiar with complex terms. Make sure to define or explain technical terms for a broader understanding.

3. Overloading with Jargon

What to Avoid: Disregarding feedback from your advisor or peers. Why: Feedback is valuable for improving your work. Ignoring it can lead to missed opportunities for improvement and may affect the quality of your thesis.

4. Ignoring Feedback

What to Avoid: Waiting until the last minute to start or complete sections of your thesis. Why: Procrastination can lead to rushed work and a lower-quality thesis. Starting early allows for thorough research, writing, and revision.

5. Procrastination

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