What is Questionnaire?

A questionnaire is a research tool with written questions used to collect data. It's used in surveys or studies to gather information on a specific topic.

Step 1

Define your research objective: Clearly state what information you want to gather from your questionnaire.

How to Prepare?

Step 2

Choose the appropriate question types: Consider using open-ended, closed-ended, or scaled questions to best collect the data you need.

Step 3

Keep it simple and concise: Use clear and easy-to-understand language, avoid jargon, and keep the questionnaire brief.

Step 4

Pretest the questionnaire: Pilot test your questionnaire with a small sample to identify any issues and make necessary revisions.

Step 5

Ensure the questions are relevant, unbiased, and considerate of the respondent's perspective to improve response rates and data accuracy.

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